Private Investigation Jane - 334-569-8000

"This company is very professional. Jane handled my case quickly and effectively. I was surprised at her knowledge and insight, she knew exactly what to do to get me the evidence and information I needed. She truly is the best in the business!"

-Joshua *
Montgomery, Al.

" My husband was cheating on me. I just needed the proof so I could move on with my life, and do what I needed to do to protect myself and my children. Ms. Smith really understood what I was going through, and worked hard to make me feel comfortable and to make sure everything was done discreetly. Worth every penny!  I would highly recommend her!"

-LaVonne *
Montgomery, Al

"I contacted Jane because I thought my wife may be cheating on me. We were separated, so I did need her to be discreet. Within 1 week she was able to give me pictures and video footage of the extra marital his name, address and all kinds of personal information on him! I cannot thank Jane enough. She really came through during a time I needed her...and she didn't rip me off!"

-George *
Pike Road, Al.

"I contacted P.I. Jane because I needed some information and investigation services for a very private matter. I was surprised at how thorough their investigation services were! They worked with me on payments. In the end I couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend this company!"

-Jonathan *
West Bend, IN.

" I needed some background work on my ex's new wife. Jane provided the information quickly and affordably. Thank you Jane!"

-Susan *
Hoover, Al.

"Thank you Private Investigation Jane. You worked hard to get me the information I needed to win in court!!!"

-John *
Prattville, Al

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